Ray Bass releases third single ‘KI DIA’


Ki Dia
After a successful collaboration with Cizzle & Izaline Calister on the track ‘Un Chèns’ Ray Bass took a year to patiently produce his third single in Papiamentu called ‘Ki Dia’ (meaning “When”) . Inspired by his musical icons Bob Marley & Sting he chose to fuse Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Classical Music and the traditional Curaçao rhythm called Tambú. With this song Ray wants to help boost a sense of unity and cultural pride amongst Dutch Caribbean people living on Curaçao and anywhere this song get’s played. Ray Bass released the song on various radio stations on Curaçao during his first solo tour during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival. Continue reading →

Ray Bass & Boy Bianchi co-write ‘Survive’


On August 5th Spinnin’ Records released Tavi Castro’s brand new track called ‘Survive’. The lyrics were written by Ray Bass & Boy Bianchi and the vocals were recorded at Bianchi Studios in The Hague. Lucky for Ray Bass, the producers decided to keep his original vocals on the track making ‘Survive’ the first EDM track with vocals by Mr. Ray Bass. Tavi Castro’s ‘Survive’ delivers a moving beat, smooth piano chord and emotional vocal mixed with a dubstep bass line, making Survive a true gem. Big record right here!

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04 May 2018 Finale Popprijs Amstelland Amstelveen , NL P60 P60
27 Apr 2018 Clifton End & Friends 'Pa Mi País' Willemstad, CUR Brakkeput Mei Mei Brakkeput Mei Mei

Mr. Ray Bass (Riëndy Holder) is a singing bass player, drummer, guitarist, songwriter and video producer from Curaçao. At age 14 Riëndy started playing drums in his church and he quickly developed an interest for the guitar and songwriting.

In 2002 he moved to Holland with his mother and younger brother in order to finish his studies and to pursue a musical career. During that time he had a hard time dealing with the recent divorce of his parents and he found his refuge in music and his faith. Once in Holland his mother took him to church every sunday and because there was no bassist in his new church Riëndy took it upon himself to learn how to play bass, combining the rhythmic knowledge he had on drums with the melodic playing style of the guitar. By doing this he developed his own unique style and sound on the bass. Although he doesn’t like to limit himself to only one genre, Contemporary Black Gospel has mainly influenced Mr. Ray Bass’s musical identity.

This creativity driven by his passion to learn how to play different instruments made Riëndy a much wanted musician in the Dutch gospel music scene because of his multi functionality. Riëndy has shared the stage with many different artists and bands such as Izaline Calister, Jon Tarifa, Meta Dia, Romany Titre, Bombilate, Darryl, IR-SAIS, Keizer and Caché Royale. Ray has played in many venues all over the country. Ray has also toured the Dutch Caribbean Islands, played for the President of Burundi in 2007 and rocked the stage in various European countries such as Belgium and Spain. One of the greatest highlights in his musical career was playing at Sting’s afterparty after Sting’s ‘Back to Bass’ concert in the Heineken Music Hall with Nicole Bus back in 2012. This was so special to him, seeing the fact that Sting is one of his biggest musical inspirations.

With more than a decade of musical experience Mr. Ray Bass is ready to tell the world his own story through the sound of his voice, the low notes of his bass and the lens of his camera. The name Ray itself stands for Counselor and Radiance, words that fit the uplifting nature of the messages he brings through each of his songs and the musical spark he adds to his compositions. Mr. Ray believes that music and videography are two of the most powerful weapons by which people can spread love and positivity. His biggest dream is to tour the world doing what he loves most, play music and heal hearts.

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