Bass Tours with Caché Royale

Curaçao Tour II
After a nice solo tour during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival season Ray Bass toured Aruba and Curaçao for a second time this year! This time Ray went on tour with the well known ritmo combina band called Caché Royale. The band recently had performances in Aruba and Curaçao and are awaiting a next mini tour in Spain later this week.

15th Anniversary Celebration

Fifteen years ago the band started as Caché and as a Curaçao band based in Holland they’ve had a lot of success in Europe and on the Dutch Caribbean islands throughout the years. This success and perseverance has turned the name Caché into a well known brand for quality Dutch Caribbean music. On April 30th Ray Bass made his official debut in the band thus becoming a part of their 15 year story as one the band’s bassists. On November 4th the band will officially celebrate their 15th anniversary during “Flight To South Africa” NL in Club BLU:


Ray Bass releases third single ‘KI DIA’


Ki Dia
After a successful collaboration with Cizzle & Izaline Calister on the track ‘Un Chèns’ Ray Bass took a year to patiently produce his third single in Papiamentu called ‘Ki Dia’ (meaning “When”) . Inspired by his musical icons Bob Marley & Sting he chose to fuse Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Classical Music and the traditional Curaçao rhythm called Tambú. With this song Ray wants to help boost a sense of unity and cultural pride amongst Dutch Caribbean people living on Curaçao and anywhere this song get’s played. Ray Bass released the song on various radio stations on Curaçao during his first solo tour during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Though inspiration never hits Ray from one source alone, one of the most impacting inspirational moments was the murder on the politician Helmin Wiels back in 2013. The murder and the smell of corruption behind this cowardly act impacted him to write this protest song in order to be a voice against the ongoing injustice on the Dutch Caribbean islands. Ray believes that there is power in unity and that this power, used for good, can bring a lasting change in our world.


Dream Team
The single features some of Holland’s finest musicians and some of Ray’s former band mates. A thank you goes out to all these amazing musicians who made this track possible and especially Shadrach Esprit (producer).

Arrangement/ Bass/ Guitar/ Vocals/ Minor Percussion: Ray Bass
Guitar: Roy Seriese
Drums: Joshua “Mr. Chopsz” Regales
Piano: André “AJ Grand” Pantophlet
Vocals: Alexandra de Castro, Clifton End & Gidrienne Bomberg
Strings: Berber Heerema (Cello), Novilé Maceinaité (Violin)
Percussion: Yuchi Cordoba
Horns: Kasper Moliin (Saxophone), Valerio De Gama (Trumpet)
Recording/ Mix & Master: Shadrach “Chops” Esprit

Listen to the track on VeVo and/or download it for free (limited time only) on the “Music Releases” tab on the home page:

Enjoy!  #KIDIA



Bass & Bianchi write ‘Survive’ for Tavi Castro


On August 5th Spinnin’ Records released Tavi Castro’s brand new track called ‘Survive’. The lyrics were written by Ray Bass & Boy Bianchi and the vocals were recorded at Bianchi Studios in The Hague. Lucky for Ray Bass, the producers decided to keep his original vocals on the track making ‘Survive’ the first EDM track with vocals by Mr. Ray Bass. Tavi Castro’s ‘Survive’ delivers a moving beat, smooth piano chord and emotional vocal mixed with a dubstep bass line, making Survive a true gem. Big record right here!




Bass & Bianchi: Ghostwriting duo in the making

Stuck On You

Stuck On You
On July 16th Spinnin’ Records released On June’s brand new single, aptly titled Stuck On You. Featuring nice organic drums and percussion, touching guitar chords and emotionally driven vocals, it’s deep house that’s going to conquer lots of hearts. The lyrics and catchy melody of the song were written by Ray Bass & Boy Bianchi.

Top Line Factory
bass bianchi 2
In these past months Bass & Bianchi have been writing top lines for various artists who are signed to Spinnin’ Records. It was Boy Bianchi who got Mr. Ray involved in the top line writing business and it was his idea to build a solid songwriting team in order to cope with the demand for catchy top lines by various big labels. Ray Bass was added to that songwriting team and ‘Stuck On You’ is the first official release that came out this top line factory! Check out the music video ‘Stuck On You’ and keep an eye out for more catchy top lines by the Bass/Bianchi duo!

Follow On June:

Mr. Ray Bass covers O’G3NE at SoundCheckers

In June Mr. Ray Bass got the opportunity to perform a song in the Dutch TV program called Sound Checkers by KPN and Q-Music. The show is a platform for upcoming Dutch artists to promote their music and a chance to play a cover live on television. A special thanks goes to Boy Bianchi who made this Mr. Ray Bass television appearance possible. Watch the video below:



BasSick Concert 31.03.2016


The BasSick Concert 
On March 31st Mr. Ray Bass will be performing live at P60 Amstelveen. It promises to be a high flying energetic show filled with Caribbean Pop music and it’s gonna be a night filled with special guests such as Cizzle (NastyPlay), Izaline Calister and other musical friends Ray has met during his musical journey. Mr. Ray will be playing his latest releases such as ‘Awe’ and his first hit ‘Un Chèns’ live for the first time! The concert is also a live video recording, so put on your smile cause the cameras will be rolling!

Benefit Concert
The ticket sales of the concert will be invested in a Curaçao tour with his band later this year. Once on Curaçao the band will dedicate themselves to teaching and coaching young talents from Curaçao and performing as much as possible. 

Order your tickets now!
You don’t want to miss this! The support act for the night will be Roots Palmera. This awesome band will warm you up with their Caribbean vibes in order to get you in the mood for the heavy bass lines Mr. Ray brings to the stage! Support this awesome initiative by buying a ticket right here: Buy BasSick Concert Tickets

For more info visit:



Mr. Ray Bass ‘Ki Dia’ Crowdfunding

The story
This year Mr. Ray Bass and his new band have a mission to blow listeners away with their new music and live performance! The first project in the pipeline is ‘Ki Dia’ which means ‘When’ in the beautiful language Papiamento. Ki Dia is a protest song against the current division between various culture groups within the Dutch community. The song asks critical questions about segregation, racism and lack of acceptance of each other difference yet provides the listener an option to choose for a change of heart. In order to turn this message in the music into a high quality music video Mr. Ray Bass and the band are going to need all the financial support they can get!

Check their Voordekunst crowdfunding campaign here: Mr. Ray Bass Crowdfunding Campaign [Click Here]

voor de kunst
The Voordekunst Foundation accepted the project and had published it on their crowdfunding platform which is good exposure for the band’s project. The aim with this campaign is to raise €1500,- which is the minimum amount needed for a quality music video for the concept. By donating you are making it possible that Ray’s universal message can be heared: “Let’s learn to love each other despite our differences!”

Visit the crowdfunding campaign on and see how you can help Mr. Ray Bass and the band realise this dream!

Thank You For Supporting

Bass Goals 2016

New Year, New Beginning

Happy New Year everybody! We wish you all a blessed 2016 and may you live this year to your full potential! Dream big, achieve the impossible! If you can dream it, you can achieve it! Each new year brings new challenges, new hardships and new victories. Last year, with your prayers and support, many of Ray’s dreams came true and we would like to share some of his artistic goals for the year 2016 with you!

It’s no doubt that Mr. Ray likes the bass! He is also a fervent reader and loves to read uplifting quotes and inspiring articles. This led him to start with a concept called BassQuotes where he combines short bass compositions with a quote. Enjoy BassQuote #1 right here: 

“Ki Dia” Music Video
Ray Bass is currently working on his third single in Papiamento called ‘Ki Dia’. It’s a a protest song pleading for more unity in the Dutch Caribbean community combining reggae, psychedelic rock, classical music and tambú. The aim is to release the music video in February.


BasSick Concert
Save the date March 31st! On that day Mr. Ray Bass and the BasSick will be playing a fund raising concert in poppodium P60 in Amstelveen. Team BasSick and P60 have joined forces in order to create a high quality show filled with awesome musical surprises and of course Ray Bass and the band rocking the night away. Write it down on your calendars and save 10 euro’s in the piggybank for your very own ticket! By buying a ticket you’re supporting Mr. Ray Bass’s Curaçao tour that’s pending to take place this year.

Mr. Ray Bass Live @P60

Mr. Ray Bass Live @P60

BasSick Curaçao Tour
After scoring a hit with his the single ‘Un Chèns’ ft. Cizzle & Izaline Calister the time has come for Mr. Ray Bass and the BasSick to prove themselves as a live act. Where else would be the perfect place to build up that reputation than his hometown Willemstad Curaçao? The plan is to do a College Tour on the island in order to play their live show at several schools and hold one big concert on the island together with local artists and friends of the bass man. That’s all we can tell you right now while we’re already packing our bags for this awesome trip!

Photo by: Curaçao Design Series

Photo by: Curaçao Design Series

Your goals!
What are your goals for this year? What are your dreams? Let us know your goals for this year in order for us to help you stay motivated as well! We wish you all the best for this year!

In 2016