The BasSick Concert 
On March 31st Mr. Ray Bass will be performing live at P60 Amstelveen. It promises to be a high flying energetic show filled with Caribbean Pop music and it’s gonna be a night filled with special guests such as Cizzle (NastyPlay), Izaline Calister and other musical friends Ray has met during his musical journey. Mr. Ray will be playing his latest releases such as ‘Awe’ and his first hit ‘Un Chèns’ live for the first time! The concert is also a live video recording, so put on your smile cause the cameras will be rolling!

Benefit Concert
The ticket sales of the concert will be invested in a Curaçao tour with his band later this year. Once on Curaçao the band will dedicate themselves to teaching and coaching young talents from Curaçao and performing as much as possible. 

Order your tickets now!
You don’t want to miss this! The support act for the night will be Roots Palmera. This awesome band will warm you up with their Caribbean vibes in order to get you in the mood for the heavy bass lines Mr. Ray brings to the stage! Support this awesome initiative by buying a ticket right here: Buy BasSick Concert Tickets

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