Stuck On You

Stuck On You
On July 16th Spinnin’ Records released On June’s brand new single, aptly titled Stuck On You. Featuring nice organic drums and percussion, touching guitar chords and emotionally driven vocals, it’s deep house that’s going to conquer lots of hearts. The lyrics and catchy melody of the song were written by Ray Bass & Boy Bianchi.

Top Line Factory
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In these past months Bass & Bianchi have been writing top lines for various artists who are signed to Spinnin’ Records. It was Boy Bianchi who got Mr. Ray involved in the top line writing business and it was his idea to build a solid songwriting team in order to cope with the demand for catchy top lines by various big labels. Ray Bass was added to that songwriting team and ‘Stuck On You’ is the first official release that came out this top line factory! Check out the music video ‘Stuck On You’ and keep an eye out for more catchy top lines by the Bass/Bianchi duo!

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