Ki Dia
After a successful collaboration with Cizzle & Izaline Calister on the track ‘Un Chèns’ Ray Bass took a year to patiently produce his third single in Papiamentu called ‘Ki Dia’ (meaning “When”) . Inspired by his musical icons Bob Marley & Sting he chose to fuse Reggae, Psychedelic Rock, Classical Music and the traditional Curaçao rhythm called Tambú. With this song Ray wants to help boost a sense of unity and cultural pride amongst Dutch Caribbean people living on Curaçao and anywhere this song get’s played. Ray Bass released the song on various radio stations on Curaçao during his first solo tour during the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival.

Though inspiration never hits Ray from one source alone, one of the most impacting inspirational moments was the murder on the politician Helmin Wiels back in 2013. The murder and the smell of corruption behind this cowardly act impacted him to write this protest song in order to be a voice against the ongoing injustice on the Dutch Caribbean islands. Ray believes that there is power in unity and that this power, used for good, can bring a lasting change in our world.


Dream Team
The single features some of Holland’s finest musicians and some of Ray’s former band mates. A thank you goes out to all these amazing musicians who made this track possible and especially Shadrach Esprit (producer).

Arrangement/ Bass/ Guitar/ Vocals/ Minor Percussion: Ray Bass
Guitar: Roy Seriese
Drums: Joshua “Mr. Chopsz” Regales
Piano: André “AJ Grand” Pantophlet
Vocals: Alexandra de Castro, Clifton End & Gidrienne Bomberg
Strings: Berber Heerema (Cello), Novilé Maceinaité (Violin)
Percussion: Yuchi Cordoba
Horns: Kasper Moliin (Saxophone), Valerio De Gama (Trumpet)
Recording/ Mix & Master: Shadrach “Chops” Esprit

Listen to the track on VeVo and/or download it for free (limited time only) on the “Music Releases” tab on the home page:

Enjoy!  #KIDIA



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